Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson

20th May 2017

A - DASH project space

Pre-fabricated lyrics from the heart and the improvised healing beats with new and old faculty members. Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson was collaborating with Arnar Ásgeirsson, Jokūbas Čižikas, Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson and more. A special installation was on view created by Arnar Ásgeirsson.

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson’s performance WAIDWML is a rap show conceptually based on the topics of health, medicine and death. The performance on tour is conceived as a medical intervention of sorts acupuncturing cities with local collaborations. The tour map is a body – Poland at the toes, Iceland is the nose and Styrmir needs various faculties for each body part. Styrmir is the doctor, the local curator is the surgeon, the guest artist is the nurse and the musician is the anesthetist. The prototype of the performance took place in Riga 2016 during the Survival Kit Art Festival. The 2017 tour includes the European cities of Vilnius, Berlin, Venice, Athens, Amsterdam as well as Warsaw, Paris, Brussels and Reykjavík. WAIDWML now punctures the project space during Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson’s month long residency A – DASH.

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson is a storyteller, a performer, an object maker and an illustrator. Styrmir has a love for the absurd, by which is meant less an obsessive passion for the ridiculous, nonsensical or the odd, than a tender and caring attitude: he takes care of the absurd, he helps it to develop, he gives it a place alongside everything else where it can be your most disturbing neighbor and your best friend. He has brought his objects and performances to places such as the Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius, The Living Art Museum in Reykjavík, Casa del Lago in Mexico City, Cricoteka in Krakow and to the Cypriot / Lithuanian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennial. Styrmir is from Iceland and lives in Warsaw.

Arnar Ásgeirsson
Jokūbas Čižikas
Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson
Annabelle von Girsewald Tour Manager annabelleshome.com