A - DASH is a contemporary art platform based in Athens Greece. Initiating collaborations with art practitioners from various disciplines and places in the world. A - DASH aims to promote artistic production, collective practice and research. It functions as a connector for artists, curators, writers, designers and practices around interdisciplinarity, feminist and collective approach and most definitely sharing.

Founded by female artists in 2016 as a residency in the centre of Athens, A - DASH brought together artists and art practitioners. Today it's run by two artists and a curator. A - DASH remains a connector that works nomadically and inhabits various spaces in the physical and the digital realm.

A - DASH is run by Zoe Hatziyannaki artist, Christina Petkopoulou curator and Eva Isleifs artist. 

In house designer 
Dimitris Mitropoulos

The founding members
Eva Isleifs  - Zoe Hatziyannaki - Noemi Niederhauser - Catriona Gallagher