Alyssa Moxley

19.01 - 04.02.2018

A - DASH project space

Surrounding us there is a constantly vibrating field of energy. These vibrations can be caught within shapes of space and frequencies of time to form patterns that communicate. Undercurrent attempts to bring these subtle movements, and their potential relationships, into our field of focus.

The rooms of A — DASH become an expanded instrument. Suspended piano wire, acoustically and electromagnetically amplified, emphasizes the geometry of the room. The harmonic relationships of these tones become visual patterns, through mirrors, speakers, and light. While the noise of the city activates and plays the suspended wires, rhythms from nature sound within the installation furniture. Visitors are invited to lie on the benches and experience listening through the ear, body, and eye.

Alyssa Moxley (USA/IE) composes narratives of identity, place, space, and embodied experience through sound. She creates sonic interventions and environments to evoke networks of memory. She has been invited via a carte blanche to experiment with the project spaces at A — DASH, resulting in Undercurrent.