Paul Bonlaron
Nathan Bonnaudet
Simon Geneste


12th Opening 20.00 

13th 12.00 - 17.00 

14th Finisage / Performance 17.00 starting at A - DASH  

Join us for the opening of the show TAKE OF MY SUN byPaul Bonlaron, Nathan Bonnaudet, Simon Geneste on the 12th of April at 8pm.

Diogenes lived in a jar, outside the city. Proper citizens would have liked him to be ousted from the agora to avoid bothering the passersby. He was named the dog because he refused to comply with social conventions and participate within the community. He promoted self-sufficiency, and had accepted that his destiny was to be forgotten by History.

His legacy was to name a strange disease. The symptoms of this syndrome would be to never throw anything away, to accumulate everything useless until saturation. As if holding on to things obsessively would break down the logic of a productive cycle.

He became an influential symbol for those who had fallen in love with objects, materials and worthless shapes inhabiting our cities. These are the people who want to honour what is usually wiped out, forgotten and replaced. They are faithful to Diogenes, and they want to worship him in his hometown. They will first recover the unsuccessful elements from the streets of Athens. They will transform objects of bazaars and building materials into offerings. Finally, they will put them back in their natural surroundings to allow the sun to contemplate them.

The project Take of my sun is an opportunity for Simon, Paul and Nathan to collaborate for the first time on mutual affinity for narrative objects.

The is open on 13th - 14th of April. On the 14th of April there will be a performance at 5PM more information soon.

This exhibition is kindly supported by Crous Paris.

Text : Brieuc Schieb