HEAD2HEAD                                     FESTIVAL MAP  

Sunday Narratives hosted by Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research (FAC)

Agiou Panteleimonos 7β, Athina 104 46

Sunday 14 November 2021, 6pm-9pm

Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir
Erica Scourti

For the occasion of HEAD2HEAD, a bilateral exhibition project that connects artist-run spaces in Athens, Greece and Reykjavik, Iceland, Sunday Narratives moves away from the cinema screens it temporarily occupied in the past and is hosted by the Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research, a community-based research centre. Particularly for groups excluded from the hegemonic mappings of the city, FAC Research offers a space to breathe, in the daily struggle against multiple forms of violence.Front street facing room:
Erica Scourti, Body Scan, 2014, video, 5’03”

Body Scan captures a process of photographing various parts of the artist’s body and parsing them through a visual search app, which attempts to identify them and link to relevant online data. A documented gesture of mediated intimacy told through iPhone screenshots, the video narrates an exchange between lovers, while making literal the objectification of female bodies on the Internet.

Erica Scourti, Dark Archives - LUCK, 2016, video, 11’19”
Exploring that which evades classification in the archive, for Dark Archives Scourti employed 5 writers to search her whole media archive uploaded to Google, with a keyword of their choice. They then speculated on and wrote captions for the 'missing media', which were matched back into images and video in the artist's archive - LUCK Text by Jess Bunch.

Erica Scourti, Broken Bottle, 2021, video, 03’21”
Borrowing the cliched rhyming structure and themes of the pop song, Broken Bottle is written from the artist’s iPhone notes fed into a rhyme generator and reworked into a narrative of unrequited material and emotional desires. Accompanying the lyrics and backing track, the video layers together the artist’s phone image archive, including ones sent by friends and WhatsApp groups, that correspond to, riff off or interpret the text.Garden facing room:

Ásdís Sif, Misty Rain, 2015, video, 11’15”
“Misty Rain” is an improvised performance by Ásdís Sif, filmed in real time with 3 cameras. Installation shows three angles of the act. The rule was not to edit out anything because it was important for Ásdís and the film maker Bjarni Einarsson to “catch” the moment. Before the performance Ásdís had decided who her character was and what her recent experience was, a woman coming out of a difficult learning experience, hoping that she could from now on catch the moment and find happiness. - Filmed by Bjarni Einarsson, Music composition by Janel Leppin, Performance improvised built on text by Ásdís Sif

Ásdís Sif & Daniel Leeb, Midsummer night, 2020, video, 5’52”
"Midsummer’s night” is a music video created for a song Páll Ragnar composed in 2020. The video portrays the tempo of the piece and is edited live to music by Daniel Leeb. Ásdís wrote the text originally as a wedding gift to Pàll and Tui Hirv. The piece is an ode to finding love. - Music composition by Páll Ragnar Pálsson, Text by Ásdís Sif, Music performed by Caput EnsembleWhen in cinema halls, Sunday Narratives always invited the audience to stay for a talk with the artists exploring the form of a Q&A, this time the artists were invited to provide an encounter with distributed language as an offer to the visitors on these two Sunday evenings. Erica Scourti’s contribution is a series of works on stickers, while Ásdís Sif occupies the back side of the press release.


Sunday Narratives is a periodical screening program in Athens that since 2017 aims to present selected narratives about the social conditions that shape global reality, through the work of independent creators.

Cover image: Erica Scourti, Broken Bottle (2021) video still