Alexandra Zsigmond & Norah Dineen 

OPENING: 23rd of November 8PM
Performance / (FLESH 8 ) by Norah Dineen

DURATION: 24 - 29th November  

24. 2 - 6PM 
25. 2 - 6PM 
26. 1 - 4PM 
27. 1 - 4PM
28. 1 - 4PM
29. 6 - 9PM Performance at 8PM / (FLESH 9) by Norah Dineen


By Alexandra Zsigmond 

Alexandra Zsigmond presents a series of drawings, paintings, and metal objects made during her Oct-Nov residency at A-DASH, all based on her research of the Greek Orthodox tradition of votive offerings (τάματα). While traditional τάματα utilize a standardized visual lexicon of body parts (eyes, arms, legs, etc), Alexandra has created a new lexicon to represent the invisible thoughts and emotions within the body. Inspired by the prevalence of eye symbolism in Greek culture, Alexandra began her visual research by creating a set of 350 eye depictions, drawn both from the imagination and from art historical references. The drawings present a wider variety of iconographic possibilities for eye τάματα, which are typically mass-produced in a limited range of designs. In further drawings and paintings, Alexandra developed schematic languages for anxiety, for thinking, and for states of mind. These lexicons then became the basis for a collection of hand-embossed τάματα that address the contemporary ailments of anxiety, overthinking, and digital fatigue. Use these τάματα to ask for the fertile interconnection of your thoughts, for a reduction of economic, political, and technological frustrations, and for freedom from anxiety.

Alexandra Zsigmond (b. 1982) is a New York-based visual artist of Hungarian and Greek descent, originally from San Francisco. Her paintings, drawings, and prints visualize taxonomic and semiotic systems, particularly in relation to the fields of art history, philosophy, and psychology. Alexandra is also an editorial designer and curator, and from 2010-17 was an art director for The New York Times. She is a recipient of the Public Scholars Fellowship from Humanities New York, and has been a resident at Soaring Gardens (Laceyville, PA), Platte Clove (Catskills, NY), Spruceton Inn (Catskills, NY) and Casa Tres Patios (Medellín, Colombia). Alexandra is a frequent public speaker and has given talks and workshops on editorial art worldwide.
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By Norah Dineen

Over the course of her residency at A - DASH Space, Irish multimedia artist Norah Dineen developed the project SKIN, BONES + FLESH. She has extended her body stencilling painting practice, from using solely her own body to integrating in dozens of audience members at her performances across art spaces in Athens. She performed with different musicians from Kicau Bilau who are in SKIN (1) to dancer + musician Josh Dyson and many other musicians. She performed at A - DASH space (FLESH 1 + SKIN 1), MEME Athens (FLESH 2,3,4,5 + SKIN 2,3) and BACKSPACE Athens (FLESH 6 + SKIN 4). She will exhibit the four SKINS along with a video and documentation of the performances across Athens. There will be a performance at 8PM on the 23rd of November and at 8pm on the 29th of November.

Norah Dineen is an Irish-born interdisciplinary artist and award winning actress who has a deep interest in human connections and authentic experiences. Through her creative practices: painting, film, music, acting, and performance art, she tries to eradicate the prejudices inflicted on the body by the images in film and media. Her paintings exist in the space between the mystery of being and the realities of the human condition, and for her, represent a life-renewing process of evolution and growth. Dineen has exhibited throughout the world, including five solo exhibitions in Germany and group exhibitions in Greece, Brazil, London, and Ireland, and was accepted as an artist in-residence at A-Dash in Athens, Greece. Her formal training includes: Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London; Actor Space Berlin, Berlin. L’Institut des Etudes Politiques, Paris; and Trinity College Dublin, Dublin. She holds academic degrees in visual and performing arts, as well as performance and sociology.

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