MOODS: unknown moods


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Release Event #0 MOODS Magazine

How do we perform our moods?
Have your feelings been designed?
How much and what do we perceive out of words, images, songs and conversations which are designed with the intention to transport certain feelings, stir emotions? Are they carriers of values and norms?

In contrast to emotions, feelings, or affects; moods are less specific, less intense and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event.

UNKNOWN MOODS dives through indescribable feelings, moods which are transmitted to you, but never quite reach, almost touch you and leave you alone knowing there is something in between you, you cannot sense.
This issue is dedicated to the failing beauty of the contradiction in mapping down something which cannot be captured.

The format of the magazine with all its features and possibilities is seen as a fundament and trigger to how we display unknown moods. It can be easily opened up, performing diverse notions, interweaving different intimacies and motions. With this contradictional crossover we are able to hike in the gaps, which may let us come closer to sensing unknown moods.

The moods may stay unknown, all that we have is a sentiment. We may also just fall into a mood.

ISSUE 0 opens and manifests the field of controversy. It is the first approach to realization in which the editors go through the whole production process themselves and warm up with the room they want to explore with contributors from varying fields in the upcoming issues.

Editors: Diane Hillebrand & Miriam J. Carranza
with the support of School of Art and Design Kassel & ASTA University of Kassel (DE)

Info about the editors: