FRACTOIDS: Natural Habitat

Christos Bourantas

21 - 24 July 2018

A - DASH project space 

Fractoids: Natural Habitat is a video mapping installation created for A - DASH’s project space by Christos Bourantas. The installation consists of animated content projected onto physical models accompanied by original sound composition. Christos Bourantas is an architect and media artist who lives and works in Athens.

1. What are fractoids and what can be speculated about their fractured nature.
2. What are their origins and how can their ideal habitat be described.
3. Name a few basic rules regarding their development cycle.
4. What observations can be made on the theory that fractoids are merely a collapse of higher dimensional structures.
5. Are fractoids sentient. Do they possess an unconscious drive for self-expression or self-preservation. Should we care.
6. Do they provide traces of a proto-language or symbolic thinking.
7. Reflect on the duality of the day/night cycle. How has it shaped evolution. Can fractoids dream.
8. What can be assumed about the monument/ruin duality. Is progress a linear function.
9. Are fractoids close to extinction. Should this endless cycle of recurring forms and perplexing landscapes be preserved.
10. Do such forms consist of fractured realities and memories. Are they even real. Elaborate.

Concept, animation, construction: Christos Bourantas
Construction assistant: Spyros Boukas
Additional VFX: Kreon Krionas
Music, sound design: Dimitris Apostolakidis