DESMOS: A Dinner Study is a collective research project in the form of a pasta dinner series, inspired by the “Mondays of DESMOS Gallery”, artist gatherings that were organized at the historical gallery that operated in Athens from the 1970' to 1990's, by its curator Epi Protonotariou and director Manos Pavlidis. Within this context, and along with archival research in personal collections and ISET (Greek Contemporary Art Institute), A-
DASH hosts curated creative encounters at Work In Progress Studios, Athens, inviting artists and other creatives to indulge into historical pioneering practices that shaped the Greek contemporary art community and reflect on the relations that bring us together withing the current cultural, political and economic conjunction. We are interested in what art professionals bring to the table, both literally and metaphorically, in a personal condition of care and sharing, where antagonism, exposure and production stress are absent.

Curated by Christina Petkopoulou

A - DASH thanks Eloise Fornieles for her valuable collaboration, Greek Institute of Contemporary Art-ISET for the precious archival material

KOPRIA store for providing inspired flower compositions and Oinotypo Wine Cave for offering its high quality house wines.

Photos: Zoe Hatziyannaki