Christos Bourantas (clarinet)
Alyssa Moxley (electronics)
Anna Papoutsi (flute)
Nikki Seth Smith (saxophone)
Andrew Spyrou (electronics)
The Reveil Progam

6th of May 2017

A - DASH project space 

Athens Soundcamp

And the sun keeps coming up is a live broadcast performance for the <<24 hour around the world>> broadcast of dawn, produced by Soundtent’s Reveil Program.
Follow the sunrise around the world with mind and ears.

A group of performers will improvise with the web streamed live broadcast of the sounds of dawn from the other side of the world from Reveil. The group will perform for an hour, joining the international broadcast for exactly 1/2 hour, mixing the improvisation of Athens night, with the sounds of the sunrise happening at that moment in time.

The Athens Soundcamp performance will invite the audience to whisper into a microphone their first thoughts when they wake and last thoughts before they go to sleep. This will not be sounded out live, to give each person some privacy, but will be fed into a long delay system. These delayed whispers will then be combined into overlapping loops, and mixed into the soundscape of live dawn. Saxophone, clarinet, flute, and electronic instrumentalists will join the performance, echoing the sounds of the audience and the sounds of the dawn.

On Sunday May 7th, the Athens Soundcamp will contribute their live stream of dawn to the program from the port of Piraeus. A group of listeners are invited to listen together at dawn.

Soundtent’s Reveil program is an open network of microphones from around the world, mixed by the Stave Soundcam, to follow the procession of the sun, creating a 24 hour live broadcast of the sounds of dawn. The program opens our ears to the constancy of twilight once a year and will be available to listen to here:

from 8am on the 6th of May (Greece time) until 8am on the 7th of May