Eva Ísleifs  A – DASH founder and studio holder


Eva Ísleifs is an artist based in between Athens (GR) and Iceland (IS). Eva graduated with MFA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art 2010 and with Bachelor degree from the Art Academy in Reykjavik Iceland. Eva throws together contemporary iconic imagery and symbols and lets the established meanings and values that they incorporate conflict within.  She stages situations and actions with the use of sculpture elements and performance. In the years 2013 – 2015 Eva worked with the Living Art Museum as the museum collection manager. In 2017 Eva was awarded the one year Artist Salary from the Icelandic Ministry of Culture. Recent exhibitions & projects are 2016 Sculpture Sculpture at Museum of Koparvogur Iceland. 2016 Places, Bíldudalur Iceland. 2016 St Hospitality Act III Breed Art Studios. Amsterdam, 2016 FEED. Kunst Vardo. Oslo. Norway. 2015 The grass is always greener on the otherside. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. 2015 I am here; BELIEVE. South Gallery. Edinburgh Art Festival.


Noemi Niederhauser  A – DASH founder and studio holder


Noemi Niederhauser is a visual artist based in between Athens (GR) and Lausanne (CH). She holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins, UK (2014) and previously studied at the Applied Art School of Vevey, CH (2010). Using discourses of ethnography, history or archeology and practices of the archive in an altered way, her approach leads to the creation of site-specific installations oscillating between sculptural and more functional use. She is a 2016 recipient of a ProHelvetia research grant. Her work has been exhibited internationally in galleries or museums and is featured in various institutions such as the MUDAC: museum of contemporary art, Lausanne (CH); the Victoria & Albert Museum, London (UK); the Royal Mariémont Museum, Mariémont (BE). Recent exhibitions and residencies: UAL Art for the environment residency in partnership with the Berengo glass studio, Murano (IT); Akureyri Art Museum, Akureyri (IS); ACAC Contemporary Art Center, Aomori (JP); Victoria & Albert Museum, London (UK); Chabah Yelmani Gallery, Brussels (BE).


Catriona Gallagher A – DASH founder and studio holder


Catriona Gallagher is a visual artist based in Athens. She studied at Leeds College of Art (Foundation Diploma, 2010) and Edinburgh College of Art (BA Sculpture, 2013), and shortly afterwards arrived in Athens for Snehta Residency. After a period of travel between Greece and Italy, she settled in Athens permanently in July 2014. Working across video, installation, drawing and botanical processes, her practice examines overlooked details in our physical surroundings and the social fabric woven through it. Recent projects include: OpenGround workshop Athens, The Collector’s Archive at Praxitelous 33 Athens, Khôra Residency at Syros International Film Festival, Along Those Lines at 3 137 Athens, Curious Artefacts at The Art Wall Athens and 33OC Residency In Italy.


Zoe Hatziyannaki A – DASH founder and studio holder


Zoe Hatziyannaki is a visual artist based in Athens. She studied photography in Kent Institute of Art & Design and holds a PhD from Goldsmiths College, University of London funded by the Greek State Scholarships Foundation. Her work has been awarded with a Jerwood Photography Award, exhibited and published in Greece and abroad. She is a member of the Depression Era collective. Recent partcipations: Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Turin), IdeasCity Athens Fellow, The Showroom Gallery (London), Flaneur magazine, Athens Biennale 5to6, Benaki Museum, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre (solo exhibitions), Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Dérive magazine.

Angharad Davies Guest studio holder


Angharad Davies’ work explores the relationship between the body and architecture. Her part fictional, part forensic videos and writings question notions of consensus, restraint, intervention and ingenuity. Alongside her art practice she also runs curatorial projects. She earned her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA), and her BA from Glasgow School of Art (Scotland) and the Central Academy of Fine Art (China). In September she will undertake an MA in the History and Critical Thinking of Architecture at the School of the Architectural Association in London. Her most recent project, 29 Percy Street, was co-curated with artist Mark Barker.




Daniel G. Baird Guest studio holder

Chicago-based artist Daniel Baird’s (b 1984) work addresses ideas endemic to the Western cultural milieu, often questioning notions of technological progress, the gesture and the sublime. Baird earned his MFA from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 2011. In recent years he has had solo exhibitions at such venues as Patron Gallery, Chicago; Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago; Roots and Culture, Chicago; Appendix Project Space, Portland, OR; Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, the Netherlands; and Hungryman Gallery, Chicago.  His work has also been included in numerous group exhibitions, including shows at GRIMM, Amsterdam; Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels; American Medium, New York; Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL; the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York; Koh-iNoor, Copenhagen; LVL3, Chicago; Land and Sea, Oakland; and Leeds University College of Art. In August he will have a solo exhibition at the Broad Museum of Art, Michigan and participate in the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art in September. He is represented by Patron Gallery, Chicago.

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson (b.1984) Guest Studio holder


Is a storyteller, a performer, a dancer, an object maker, an illustrator.  He has a love for the absurd, by which is meant less an obsessive passion for the ridiculous, nonsensical or the odd, than a tender and caring attitude: he takes care of the absurd, he helps it to develop, he gives it a place alongside everything else where it can be your most disturbing neighbour and your best friend.  More often than not Styrmir uses the written language as a genesis of his work. Written pieces are then adapted into live performances that activate obects, things and gestures. The performances and their narrative, that often are delivered as monologues, serve as an exhibition device for autonomous art objects. Styrmir lives in Amsterdam.


Gylfi Freeland Sigurðsson Intern


Gylfi Freeland Sigurðsson is from 101 Reykjavík, Iceland but is currently resided in Athens as an intern for A-DASH. Athens became his destination because he had a gut feeling that this was the place where it all came together. So far so good, A-DASH is in his own words “a very nice thing with a touch of insanity”. Gylfi graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the Icelandic Academy of Arts in 2016. The main ingredient in Gylfi’s works is illustration and text. Everything becomes clear on a piece of paper but paper is not the last stop. He multiplies or magnifies the drawings, prints on material and engraves in wood or aluminium. Gylfi takes great pleasure in things that are odd or don’t make any sense. Like the thought of making an omelette and then throwing it out the window instead of just eating it. And so, it reflects in his work. No conclusion but rather an exploration within the subtext of the work, it’s all about evoking a thought process within the viewer. It’s all about being an omelette.


Geirþrúður Einarsdóttir Intern


Geirþrúður Einarsdóttir, born and raised in the capital of Iceland, graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. During her studies she took one year as an exchange student at the Art Academy in Malmö. Fifteen years old Geirþrúður decided she wanted to become a tailor, and four years later she got her Journeyman´s certificate for the trade of tailoring from the Reykjavik Technical College. Her deep interest in textile reflects in her works where she sometimes put herself in the footstep of an upholsterer making padded sculptures. Here in Athens Geirþrúður is working as an intern for the A-Dash gallery/house. Between her manual labor and sunbathing in the garden Geirþrúður has expanded her field as an artist where she participated for the first time in two live streamed performances, so who knows what the future will bring for this young artist?


Erik Parr Guest Studio holder

Multidisciplinary artist, writer and producer working and exhibiting internationally. Born in Seattle, Washington and based in Reykjavík and Helsinki.


Jokubas Cizikas Guest studio holder

Is born 1988 in Vilnius and he is an artist based in Amsterdam, and Vilnius. His practice combines installation, research based video, performance, concept sound and sculpture.


MOODS magazine Guest studio holder


In ISSUE 0 / 1st task we want to open and manifest the field of controversy. The first version of MOODS has the name UNKNOWN MOODS. UNKNOWN MOODS is about this indescribable feelings, “All that I have is a sentiment,” transmitted feelings passing by but never quite reaching, let alone touching the addressed person. How much and what do we perceive out of words, images, songs and conversations which are designed with the intention to transport certain feelings, stir emotions, are the carrier of values and norms? Have your feelings been designed? How do we perform our moods?

Miriam J. Carranza Editor


Miriam J. Carranza works as an artist based in between Athens and Kassel. Her work deals with the examination of the underlying structures generating the patterns of our image culture, decoding image conventions as naturally occurring formations, commercially constructed values relating to branding or the question of obligation to self-design as well as the function of an object as a carrier of value and feelings. Since 2015 she organises a lecture series with Christoph Knoth, Hanne Lippard, Britta Thie, Anne de Vries, Butternutten and more. She studies Fine Arts and Visual Communication at the School of Arts and Design, Kassel.

Diane Hillebrand Editor


Diane Hillebrand works in the fields of editorial design, dramaturgy and curation. She is interested in signs, misunderstandings, parallel states and marginal gaps in conversations, writings and translations. She likes to work between the fields, where is nothing else possible but working unprofessional, playing on the ground of a gap (lacuna). In her research she is interested into contemporary cartooning, medieval book copying, the sound of contours / contours of movement (speedlines) or serious narrations. She is organising Stellwerk, an off space in an old waiting room in the main train-station of Kassel (DE). She studies Visual Communication at School of Arts and Design, Kassel (DE) and Exhibition design + Scenography at HfG Karlsruhe (DE).